Available Monday - Friday after 11:00 am
Saturday and Sunday after 12:00 pm

Hammerstone’s Famous Chicken Tenders - Tempura battered breast tender, tossed in corn flakes. Served with honey mustard $9.50 Half order with fries $7 

Stuffed Mushroom Caps - Silver dollar mushroom caps stuffed with andioulle sausage, crawfish and seasoned cream cheese and topped with melted cheese $10

Cajun Grilled Shrimp Cocktail - Six jumbo shrimp dusted with cajun spices, grilled and served with housemade remoulade $10

Fried Green Tomatoes - Hand breaded, drizzled with Nashville hot oil, served with remoulade for dipping  $7

Hammerstone’s Wings - Served hot tequila style, KC style or roasted jalapeno BBQ sauce, dirty, sweet and spicy, or breaded Nashville Hot $9  

Blue Ribbon Onion Rings - Hand cut and battered with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer batter $6

Housemade Pimento Cheese  - Served with toasted pita bread $6 

Skillet Skins - Potato skins, served on a sizzling hot skillet, topped with shrededd cheddar, smoked bacon, green onion and sour cream  $8

Toasted Ravioli - A St. Louis original. Breaded and fried beef ravioli, served with house marinara  $6

Risotto Balls - Breaded and fried spinach, artichoke and cheese risotto balls, served with house marinara  $6 

Pretzel Bites - Served with whole grain dijon mustard cheese sauce 1/4 lb $3.50 1/2 lb $6


Spinach Salad - Baby spinach topped with bleu cheese, bacon, grape tomato, walnut $8 
Add chicken $3 Add 3 grilled shrimp $5 Try it with house poppyseed vinaigrette 

Chef Salad - Fresh salad greens, topped with shredded cheddar, ham, turkey, egg, grape tomato and croutons $9 

Caesar Salad - Traditional romaine tossed in our house Mayfair and grated Parmesan, croutons $6 Add chicken $3 Add 3 grilled shrimp $5  

House Salad - Fresh salad greens topped with grape tomatoes, black olives, croutons, provel cheese Small $5 Large $7 Add chicken $3 Add 3 grilled shrimp $5  

Dressings: Balsalmic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, House Mayfair, Poppyseed Vinaigrette, Ranch, French, Italian

Hammerstone’s Chili - Served with sharp cheddar cheese and diced red onions $4/$6

French Onion Soup - Served with croutons and melted swiss cheese $4/$6

Soup of the Day - (Not always available) Made in house  $4/$6  

Soup and Salad - Your choice of small caesar, or mixed greens salad with a cup of soup or chili $8  

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